Our family has been living in an Ian Drew home for the past seven years since the birth of our first son.  I  knew I was getting a quality home as a lifelong resident of Osgoode because of the excellent reputation Ian has in the village for building quality homes.  We have only good to say about the process of building a home with Ian and continue to notice the long lasting difference  quality construction makes.  My favorite Ian Drew story happened about 6  years ago . Ian was driving by the house and noticed that a small amount of facia was coming away from the house--he stopped and told me he would be by the following day to fix it up -- and he did :)  I was so happy about our home that I encouraged my in-laws when they were moving to Osgoode to have  Ian build them a house !

Ronda Griesbach
Wild Cherry Dr.

A few years ago our family relocated back to Osgoode from New Brunswick on very short notice. We were very anxious to get into a new home and could not find an existing property that suited us. Our next step was to meet with Ian to see if a custom home could be built in a reasonable time frame. We were very pleased with how quickly Ian was able to put the project in motion and coordinate all of the work to complete the home in just a few months. The final product met all of our expectations.

Ian and his team were very flexible and accommodating in adjusting the basic plan to greatly enhance the final features and livability of the house.  The quality of construction was very good and there was excellent ongoing interaction with Ian as we moved through the construction process.

I would be very happy to recommend Ian Drew Custom Homes to anyone purchasing a newly constructed home or planning construction of a quality custom home.

Cameron Prince
3359 Drew Henry
Osgoode, Ontario

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